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hotels with babies

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Since we have Lucía, we look for hotels in some corner where we can feel comfortable and where mainly children feel free but safe.

In this section of the web we will upload places where we have stayed and where we have enjoyed so much that we want to share it.


The Hotel San Pere del Bosc is a haven of forgotten peace. You arrive at the hotel after crossing a dirt road for around eight minutes. And as you make your way through the Mediterranean grove, you see the impressive building, altruistically designed by a landowner for war refugees, to later become an asylum and later redesigned by successive generations into a hotel. In all its aspects, I think that it fulfilled and more than fulfills its function like few other places. In the hotel facet, we corroborate some of the characteristic features that, in my opinion, a space that aspires to any of these forms must meet, since tranquility and self-absorption in San Pere del Bosc Hotel will be a sweet condemnation and will be insured. Apart from this and to add another particularity in case these were not enough is the subtle connection with other guests. When you are staying in a place surrounded by mountains with a fresh water pool and a bar service in it that makes you feel at home in addition to the restaurant with such a varied and thoughtful menu, when you are surrounded by art with statues located in positions strategic in an imposing way, you don't want to get out of there and this makes you start conversations and chats with other families that add interest to the experience. For the little ones, it is not a hotel where you will find a menu of activities to be able to leave them and the adults to relax, it is that all this is already included without the slightest effort; Around the pool everyone plays and talks with everyone but in a very unusual and modest way to find and that, no matter how much I explain to you, you will only enjoy if you are there. In addition to mountain excursions around the hotel by bike or on foot. When you load your suitcases and go and take a look and the breeze of the Tramuntana that has climbed up there brushes against you, you know that you have found a hidden treasure that you will never forget.

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